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The list of all Subjects offered by IIITs under difference semester is given in a structred drive. New courses might be added to these list as and when they are approved.

Pre-Admission Study Resources

Here, we have collected all the resources of Coding, and other fields, the books we IIITians study here, notes, and comprehensive collection other courses, projects and research papers.

Fee Structure

Fees Structure of various courses offered by the institutes is mentioned. Please keep in mind that the fees structure may be subjected to change and will be updated in the website accordingly.

Featured Quora Answers from IIITians

Should I join IIIT Sonepat this year? Can you tell me about the current campus and what if it got shifted later? Will it affect placement?

Samarth Mehra, IIIT Sonepat

I don't think there can be any hesitation joining the IIIT Sonepat seeing the Hostels in which the students live in, the coding culture and also the excellent placements records that it's showing every year.Currently our classes are being conducted at IIT Delhi I-Tec Technopark and the hostels here are just amazing beyond your imagination of how good the hostels could be. We've fully furnished rooms consisting of that elegant woodwork Read full answer on quora...

September 13, 2020

How is the average package of IIIT Lucknow 18 LPA? Will the package continue to be 15+ after 4 years?

Vinamra Bajaj, IIITL

People do seem to wonder if it’s true, yeah they are true which is all due to the coding culture prevalent in IIITL, you need to keep in consideration how this culture was built upon the model of IIITA(don’t question their 20.6LPA average) and after modeling upon it the negatives were removed and changes made and this all has only lead to in less than 5 years such a culture developing(all credits to our seniors).With time IIITL will keep growing only! Read full answer on quora...

August 30, 2020

Which is better, LNMIIT Computer Science or IIIT Pune Computer Science?

Piyush Gupta, IIITP

Academics: IIITs are known for their excellent curriculum. LNMIIT syllabus still includes subjects like classical physics & modern physics etc. Instead, IIITP utilizes the same time to teach students industry-relevant skills which are a must for IT students like Object-oriented programming, Python. Other trending technologies courses like cloud computing, machine learning, big data & IoT are compulsory at IIITP while at LNMIIT they are electives. Read full answer on quora...

September 13, 2020

How is the campus and life at IIIT Allahabad?

Priyansh Singh, IIIT Allahabad

A brief Intro about me - I am currently a second year ECE student at IIIT Allahabad. I’m from Allahabad only, so I knew about IIIT Allahabad since my childhood. After my JEE Main, I chose IIIT Allahabad ECE branch, as that was the best college and branch combination that I could have got from my JEE Main rank last year. So, I’ll be talking about all the campus life, current academic pattern, societies - Technical and Cultural, College Fests etc. Therefore, this will be a really long answer but worth a read if you want to opt for IIIT Allahabad for your engineering career. Read full answer on quora...

Seotember 20, 2020

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  • Few IIITs have their own campus. Others are running in a temporary campus situated in some other colleges (like various IITs / NITs), until the construction of their campus is complete.

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